PURE O2 Stick

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Our Pure O2 Stick and Lanyard each creates a safety zone around the wearer of up to 4 feet.

The protection this premium technology provides lasts up to 40 days, keeping germs and viruses at bay for an extended period of time.


PURE O2 Stick is highly recommended for these people:

  • Those who are sensitive to odor
  • Those who have a lot of concerns with bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the living environment (room, living room, restroom, etc)
  • Those who have a lot of concerns with the odors of sink, restroom and sewer pipe
  • Those who are concerned about the odors in the closed space, various bacteria, and viruses
  • Anyone who wants to keep yourself and your family healthy

Our PURE O2 Stick sterilizes and deodorizes at once and removes 660 kinds of viruses, bacteria, and odor-causing molecules.

  • Removal of virus with inactivation by damaging the DNA (RNA) structures.
  • Viruses are sterilized as they are impossible to attach to the cell wall and replicate due to damage to the DNA
  • No color, No alcohol, No preservatives, which are harmless to human body No residual carcinogens
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