Mobile Bi-Level Ventilator

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This vertical design of this mobile unit improves your experience and usability.

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The vertical body, integrates with a humidification tank design and  improves your interactive mobile experience with this elegant machine.

With user-friendly controls, intuitive interface and
color LCD screen, it’s easy to navigate menus and customize
comfort settings.

The new UI interactive interface design is more user friendly.

Automatic 02 concentration control technology
• 21%-100% O, concentration adjustable with 1 % adjusting precision
• Built-in O, blender and concentration monitoring module
Intelligent temperature and humidity control system
• Providing air with core body temperature and 100% relative humidity
• Adjustable temperature from 31 ‘C to 37°C
Effectively reduce the dead space with 70L/min high flow
• Built-in multi-point flow sensor for accurate and stable flow

Revolutionary trend review function
• Review the latest 8-24 hours data of temperature, humidity and O, concentration
High-performance blower and sensor
• Stable flow output and accurate therapy data monitoring
Multiple alarming and time setting
Safe airway design to prevent cross infection
• Unique inner air passage design, no contact with user’s airflow

Nasal prong

  • Low level of positive pressure, high tolerance for patients
  • High compliance without oppressive feeling

Threaded heated tube
• Guarantee the temperature and humidifying effect, prevent condensate water

Parameters Description
Review screen
Flow settings:  Children Mode: 2L/min-25Umin  | Adult Mode: 1 0Umin-70L/min
Oxygen concentration:    21%-100% (adjustable by 1%)
Temperature:  31 ‘C-37’C (adjustable by 1’C)
Treatment interfaces:  Children nasal cannula, Nasal cannula, Tracheostomy, Face mask
Step Length:  25Umin-70Umin (increments of 5L/min), 2Umin-25Umin (increments of 1 Umin)
Trend review :  1 day, 3 days, 7 days
Real time monitoring parameter:  Flow, Temperature, 02 concentration, Treatment time
Dimensions:  340*228*162mm
Weight:  3.3kg

**This item is subject to quantity restrictions due to the impact of the Coronavirus on the supply chain. Item quantity restriction information may change daily. Orders with these items may pend for inventory validation. 

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